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perhaps i fell deeper than i understood.

But i realize more and more how hard i've fallen every day.

Talking to a friend as much in love with his girlfriend as i am in love with the very man i've spoken of in

these past two lines.

Not even hearing phil's voice, but FEELING the tone of it THROUGH this barrier that is my computer.

Feeling his love for my best friend radiate like body heat from wherever he is. I can feel the

connection, just like feeling nick's hand in mine...

When i saw them first together, i was jealous. i wanted to cry. Seeing them look into each other's

eyes. Like there was no one else in the world.

I felt a longing that i hated to feel. This frustration. THis wanting to feel like they did, and still DO.

But What happens when i fall to the concrete. In love. With a man that actually feels the same. And

he catches me.  I talk  about him just like phil talks about jillian. With as much love in my eyes as the

amount of tears that i want to let fall from missing him so much.

I feel like he could do better. Like he deserves so much more. More than a girl who's screwed up

more than she can stand. More than a girl who has never had a reason to think she was beautiful.

ANd whaddaya know? he thinks the SAME EXACT THING about HIMSELF. just as phil does.

But what jillian and i want phil and nick to realize, is that...

They make us happy with EVERYTHING they are... EVERYTHING they do. EVERYTHING they SAY. every

picture. every note they sing. every poem they write. every kiss. every hug. every touch. every time

they hold us in their arms and tell us they love us. Every time they stare into our eyes and we lose

all sense of what is around us. We only see you. Nothing else matters. but you.

We love you. We've fallen for you. We tripped OVER you and fell FOR you and into YOUR arms.

We love you. Thank you.
inspired by:

my friend lena telling me to write a poem based on the word perhaps

PHIL!!!!! our conversation! this poem was inspired by you! love you bro!
urbanvision Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you, taylor. i appreciate this more than you know :hug:
behindthiscity2013 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011
youre welcome phil. you're an amazing friend. and i feel proud to know you XD you helped me create my art. thank YOU
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January 14, 2011
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